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Medilink International provides medical support and consultancy services to clients ranging from large oil corporations to public sector entities. Our expertise lies in deploying remote, onsite medical clinics and support services such as topside support, occupational health and medevac to clients operating in some of the world’s most demanding environments. Read More arrow

At Medilink, we provide the complete range of medical support, consulting, policy development and project management clients require when establishing and running their operations. We have the capability to provide these services worldwide, and the flexibility to adapt to the particular requirements of our clients.

We work as your partner throughout your project, whether it is long term or of a few weeks’ duration. Medilink adds value by allowing your team to work confidently, in the knowledge that their medical needs, health and well being are provided for whatever eventuality arises.

Whatever level of remote site medical support you require, and wherever, Medilink gives you and your staff peace of mind, 24 hours a day.

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  • Consultancy Services
    Health Impact Assessments , Health Risk Assessments, Audits, Design and Planning, Medical Emergency Response Planning, Occupational Health systems and planning
  • Clinics
    In addition to operating our own Clinics, Medilink also sets up and operates onsite medical clinics at clients' locations worldwide. We specialise in particular in the setting up and management of medical services in remote locations.
  • Occupational Health Services
    At our onsite clinics we routinely carry out Occupational Health Assessments for our clients. These include pre-employment medicals, fitness-to-work' medicals, health surveillance, annual medicals and exit medicals.
  • Medical Staffing
    Company Doctors embedded within our clients' organisations, Occupational Health Specialists, Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, Offshore medics, Clinic Managers, Other allied healthcare professionals
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As part of our academic capability, Medilink International has developed a library of resource documents, standards, guidelines and manuals which are kept continuously updated by our Clinical Governance Team. The library contains a variety of documents such as our Patient Care Protocols, Infection Control Manuals, SOPs and  educational posters and presentations.

Medilink clients have access to the full resource library on a 24/7 basis by logging in to our Knowledge Centre.

Not a client? We offer open access to key areas of our resources which are also available for free download.



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