Capacity Development Training Programme


Equatorial Guinea requires all business operations within the country to acquire local staff given the country’s initiative of nationalising all positions in the long-run. With this, we launched a capacity development plan in Equatorial Guinea in 2020 with the main purpose to upskill the national medical staff so they can be employed on Medilink future in-country projects.

Our approach

Local medics are selected following a series of interviews. Once selected, medics undergo a five-year training programme called ‘Capacity Development for Medics in the Mines & Hydrocarbons Sector of Equatorial Guinea’. This five-year programme consists of different study modules, private/public hospital placements, onshore/offshore oil & gas site placements, and development programmes in line with the demands of the industry.

The study modules are conducted through face-to-face training, online modules and practical tutoring with each module having its own assessment procedure.

The hospital placement gives the trainee an opportunity to practice their medical skills in an acute medical setting. During the offshore placements, the trainee will shadow a Medilink International medic.


Our commitment to building local capacity in Equatorial Guinea to nationalise medical positions aligns with the country’s objectives. Following this, we will have a selected pool of talents in the medical field already trained with the skills and qualifications required to carry out tasks in accordance with international standards.