Who we are

Medilink International has over two decades expertise in providing remote area medical services to multinational companies and public sector entities. We operate worldwide serving clients in sectors ranging from the oil and gas extraction industries and infrastructure conglomerates to insurance firms, governmental health services and international NGOs.

We have the experience and resources to serve clients worldwide in remote and extreme environments. Our expertise lies in providing integrated, medical support services tailored to the diverse requirements of each client and sector.

How we operate remote area medical support

Managed by a highly-dedicated and resourceful team of professionals, we support clients’ international operations from our headquarters in Malta. Our central Mediterranean location gives us an ideal strategic base in proximity to mainland Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Through Medilink’s satellite offices and regional hubs, we efficiently co-ordinate and deploy topside assistance and emergency medical support services internationally.

Our remote medical services are available as a portfolio tailored to clients’ individual requirements or can be provided on a needs’ basis. Whether you require remote medical clinics, occupational health programmes or a fail-safe medevac service, Medilink International has your operations expertly covered 24/7.

Our Commitment to Local Medical Staffing

We give importance to harnessing local talent and developing medical support services’ skills in the countries in which we work. Each project sees us invest in training and run skills transfer programmes to ensure we leave a positive legacy behind. We create efficient on-the-ground teams of fully-qualified, specialist personnel. We empower also a local staff corps with the skills and flexibility to take on further roles and responsibilities.

Our mission is to operate sensitively and to high standards in our host countries. We carry out all our work ethically and sustainably and with the utmost integrity.

‘Our distinct ability is to identify and exceed the needs and satisfaction of any of our clients, by providing better value medical support services than our competitors’ – Simon J. Camilleri, Managing Director

Company History

Medilink International starts its operations and is contracted to organise medical treatment in the UK for Libyan patients.


Medilink expands on its operations in Libya and sets up programmes for treating Libyan patients, in Libya, with visiting surgical teams from Europe. Surgical programmes carried out successfully in hospitals over the country.


Medilink expands its services to the Oil and Gas Industry and is awarded its first contract to provide medics at an operational site in Libya.


On the request of a group of foreign oil and gas companies operating in Libya, Medilink opens its first clinic to provide primary care and emergency services to the employees and dependents of these companies in Tripoli, Libya.


Medilink continues to expand on its penetration within the remote areas in Libya. By 2003 the company is responsible for the provision of medical support to nine operational sites across the country in addition to our base in Tripoli. Clients range from oil and gas sector clients to infrastructure companies.


The company acquires land in Tripoli to develop a purpose built, larger Clinic in Tripoli.


Opening of the new Medilink International Clinic in Tripoli. Over 1,500 sq metres of floor space hosting emergency centre, consulting rooms, diagnostic imaging, laboratory, stores and accommodation, together with a dedicated Occupational Health Unit.


Medilink sets up a 24/7 Alarm Centre in Malta to provide round the clock assistance to our field operations and clients.


Medilink embarks on its international development programme and expands on its capability to provide services globally. The company is assigned contracts in Morocco, Algeria, and the Middle East.


Medilink International Air Ambulance (MIAA) is set up as a subsidiary company. MIAA’s role is to focus on developing our capability and increase our market share in the medical transportation of patients within our region.


Medilink expands operations into Algeria, and is contracted to provide the on-site clinic of one of the major foreign oil companies operating in the country.


Opening of the Medilink International Dispensary in Mtwara, Tanzania, providing medical support services to oil and gas companies operating in the region. Medilink partners with Venture Risk Management Ltd to set up base in Dar Es Salaam to reach out to our clients in Tanzania.
Medilink expands its activities to Community Health Projects. Public Health specialists are integrated within the team to develop our programmes of provision of service to local communities.


Medilink sets up Third Party Administration services and builds on its network of providers internationally. Company starts serving insurance companies and self-funded groups in the management of the healthcare fund.


Medilink opens Mozambique branch. Resources are deployed to Mozambique and the company is contracted to provide medical services to contractors within the gas industry.
The company expands its services to the mining industry and is contracted to provide medical services to mining industry client in East Africa.


Medilink rebrands and adopts fresh new look.


Opening of the new Medilink International medical centre in Hassi Messaoud, Algeria. The new medical centre offers clients a full range of medical services including emergency care, occupational health services, medical evacuations, topside support, and training.


Medilink opens Medilink Egypt LLC. Based in the modern Nasr district of Cairo, Medilink Egypt extends the company’s capabilities in this important region providing medical support services on the ground. [Read more] 


Medilink establishes the Medilink International Training Academy, providing accredited training to medical staff at locations worldwide.


Medilink increases its footprint into West Africa, establishing an operational and air-ambulance base in Luanda, Angola.


In response to the COVID 19 pandemic, Medilink rapidly adapted to support and manage the operations in our remote sites. We were one of the first Medevac Companies to fly with COVID 19 patients from Africa to Europe using an adapted negative isolation chamber. After many flight hours with critical COVID 19 patients, none of the crew members became infected and all patients were transported safely for further treatment.


Medilink expands and strengthens its operations globally with the opening of 2 new Clinics; in Pemba, Mozambique and Nouakchott, Mauritania. The new Medical Centres offer clients in-country a full range of services, including primary and emergency care, ground ambulance services, medical evacuations, occupational health services, topside support and assistance services, plus training and consultancy.

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Our clients range from leading oil and gas corporations, mining operations, logging companies to some of the world’s largest construction companies, global hotel groups, governments, international organisations and public sector entities.



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