Location: Algeria
Industry: Energy
Service: Medevac

Provision of Topside support services following a multi-casualty accident in Algeria


Our company provided topside support services, including medevac support, following a road traffic accident with multiple casualties which happened in Illizi area, Algeria. We were initially contracted to provide remote site medical support services for a Seismic Exploration Campaign in Illizi.

Resources allocated to the project were an onsite clinic, staffed by a doctor and ALS nurse, ground ambulance, together with a medevac service based out of Hassi Messaoud.


Following a road traffic accident, with multiple casualties, we supported the client as follows:

  • Medilink Topside Support service provided an over the phone triage service to assist the onsite team in prioritising the cases. There were six casualties with no deceased. These were categorised as two minor cases, two cases requiring Immediate care and two cases falling into the Delayed category;
  • An Air ambulance complete with two medical teams, two stretchers and two sets of ICU equipment was immediately dispatched from Hassi Messaoud;
  • In the meantime, the two minor cases were transported by routine site transport to the local hospital. Our Topside Support supported the site medical team remotely to stabilise the two immediate care cases. The two delayed cases were transported using the ground ambulance to the local hospital. Meanwhile the Medilink Alarm Centre made arrangements for admission of patients to the Military Hospital in Algiers;
  • On arrival on site, the Air Ambulance crew took over the two cases requiring Immediate care and transferred to Algiers. The site medical team them proceeded to the local hospital to follow up on the four admitted cases;
  • Following the first successful transfer, a second air ambulance transfer was organised to transfer the two delayed cases to Algiers.

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