Corporate social responsibility

Medilink International is built on core values of sustainable development of our projects and supporting the communities in which we work. Wherever we operate, we ensure we carry out our role in delivering remote medical services with the utmost sensitivity and consideration of local communities and environments.

Our declared policies are:

|   Wellbeing of our employees. We ensure that our employees are properly prepared for the locations they are assigned to, both in healthcare terms (vaccinations, prophylactic treatment etc), as well as in psycho-social terms. We endeavour to keep working rotas and duties reasonable to allow balance between work and family life.
|   Local talent. We are committed to developing local workforce and integrating local professionals within our teams.
|   Local suppliers. We are committed to utilising local suppliers and to dealing fairly and ethically.
|   Wellbeing of the communities in which we work. We work to ensure that our projects positively effect the wellbeing of the communities in which we work. This is achieved by ensuring that our projects do not harm the local environment and by assisting local health providers in developing their capability to provide care to the local communities. We support local hospitals in the regions that we work in by carrying out training programmes, donating medicines and other medical supplies.

We also seek out projects that we can donate to, to improve the standards of healthcare and education within the communities in which we work. Two of our key projects are in Tanzania and Libya, supporting a local school initiative and training and supporting local medical staff respectively.

New Education School, Mtwara, Tanzania

Medilink has been working in Mtwara, Tanzania since 2012, operating a clinic which provides medical services to corporate clients in the region.

Medilink's CSR Committee elected to provide support New Education School in Mtwara.

This school educates 150 children between the ages of 3 and 15 and employs 3 teachers. At the start of the project, the school building was in a dilapidated state which was a hazardous environment for both children and adults to be in. The classroom had no furniture and children sat on the floor. The school also lacked books and other teaching aids.

Libya Promise

Our Libya Promise programme is dedicated to supporting Libyan medical professionals and hospitals.

The programme was set up in 2011 in the wake of the Libyan uprising and since then the company has:

- supported the local community by providing medical services during times of conflict on a voluntary basis
- donated medicine and other medical supplies
- contributed to the education and development of Libyan doctors and other allied healthcare professionals.



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