Medilink International has been providing medical support services in Mozambique since 2014. We have an established presence in the country under the trading name Institute of Health & Safety Mozambique Limitada.

We are dedicated in taking care of the health, well-being, and safety of our clients’ employees working in multiple sectors across Mozambique.

Our fast and reliable response and our quality services are the main reasons why clients from major sectors are confident to put their employees’ health and safety in our hands.


Our services provision to clients are both at offshore and onshore locations where we deliver a range of medical services to support of clients’ operations which include:

– Medical staffing
– Training
– Clinic membership
– Occupational health
– Medical supply
– Medical assistance
– Medical evacuation services

We have our Medilink Clinic stationed in Pemba which is fully equipped to provide a full range of medical services focused on emergency and primary care, to its members. It also serves as a hub supporting all our remote site operations in Mozambique. The service within the clinic includes the following:

– Primary Care & Emergencies
– Road Ambulance Services
– Pharmacy
– Occupational Health Services
– Diagnostic Services
– Medical Evacuation Services

Medilink operates a referral service to other Medical Centres in Pemba, to which patients can be referred if there is a need for further diagnosis and treatment.


Medilink endeavours to support the local providers and staff in all locations where we work, we prioritize the maintenance of excellent working relationships with local providers in Mozambique, as well as prioritize hiring and developing local staff.

For more information contact the following:

Email Address:
Telephone Number: +356 2278 5400


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