BLS, ACLS, PHTLS Training for Medical Staff in Angola


With the continuous growing demand for quality medical courses in Angola, Medilink International Training Academy, provides high-quality training courses in the medical, health and safety disciplines to our clients’ medical professionals to ensure that they have the necessary knowledge, skills and certifications based on international industry standards.

Doctors and Nurses from different companies, based across Angola, recently attended our comprehensive training programmes in Luanda. These courses ensure that the participants comply with mandatory requirements necessary for working within the Oil & Gas sector as well as enhancing their skills and preparedness in various scenarios.

The training programme included various training courses:

Basic Life Support Course (BLS) – AHA
Advanced Cardiac Life Support Course (ACLS) – AHA
Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support Course (PHTLS) – NAEMTS

All the courses were conducted in a holistic and interactive way by our accredited instructors who have extensive experience in providing patient care in various medical specialties.

Our approach was to reinforce theoretical and practical knowledge as well as reflective discussion to improve our participants’ critical thinking and decision-making skills. We made use of ALS mannequins, interactive heart simulators, emergency trauma bags and other consumables to provide real-life scenarios and hands-on practical sessions for the participants.

At the end of each course, the participants were assessed by our instructors, and they were awarded with certificates accredited by international recognised organisations.

Completing these trainings on a regular basis allows the medical professionals to renew and refresh their knowledge, skills, and alertness in saving someone’s life.



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