COVID-19 Open Education Resources


Medilink International is providing free access to its educational resources on the novel Coronavirus, COVID-19.

As a medical services entity in the frontline helping international clients based in many of the current Coronavirus hotspots, we have immediate insights into the pandemic and expertise in handling COVID-19 patients.

Here, we highlight the open-access resources we provide to clients and site users to enable the dissemination of factually correct, timely and updated information and advice on COVID-19.

Knowledge Centre – Coronavirus Information, Awareness and Advice

Health Alert – Updates on Coronavirus and other diseases and medical situations around the world.

See also international resources on COVID-19:

WHO Coronavirus Disease updates and advice

European Centre for Disease Prevention & Control (ECDC – an EU agency).

Feel free to register for our regular Health Alerts to keep updated with the latest health risks around the world covering COVID-19 and other disease flashpoints.



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