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Medilink’s health management consultancy services are the cornerstone of our work and see us engaged by clients across the globe to audit operations and draft and implement recommendations on a gamut of health, safety, environmental and response planning issues. We work across the board, offering services ranging from health impact and risk assessments to medical emergency response and occupational health systems’ planning.

Health management consultancy is of paramount importance throughout the life cycle of our clients’ projects. Our services assess, in effect, whether a site is ‘fit for purpose’ in terms of health and safety. Our view is that operational audits, policies and procedures are there not solely to ensure our clients comply with local and national legal requirements, but also to provide benchmarks of best practice that in turn benefit our clients’ employees as well as help safeguard local environments and populations that may be affected by their operations.

Typically, we are appointed for short-term assignments at the outset of a new project or as an independent auditor, evaluating and making recommendations on current and ongoing operations. Given our global capabilities in the deployment of remote site medical and medevac services in the field, we often find ourselves retained to implement our recommendations. This helps our clients shore up their capabilities immediately, redressing any critical shortfalls we’ve identified.

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Health Management Consultancy Services: Case Studies

The two case studies below are typical of the kind of routine work we cover within our health management consultancy services. One relates to auditing current medical plans and provisions; the other covers policies and best practice procedures governing occupational hazard exposure limits.

Case Study One:

Audit of Health Management System, Occupational Health System, On-site Medical Services and Emergency Response Plan

This assignment saw us active in the Caribbean, in Trinidad, for a multinational energy company operating three offshore production platforms each of which has a further three satellites. Medical clinics are provided on board each platform. The client required an independent, operational review of all clinics, together with occupational health systems and the emergency response plans.

Solution & Outcome

Medilink International carried out a 20-day, on-site audit assessing the following:

  • Skills and capabilities of on-site medics
  • Documentation and record-keeping system
  • Stock inventory systems
  • Equipment maintenance system
  • Medical records
  • Clinical governance and topside support
  • CPD of medics
  • Emergency Response Plan system, communications, drills and training.

Following the site visit, we prepared a detailed audit report which included an assessment of the current operational risks and the steps required to mitigate them. We ranked the areas for improvement according to priority. Following the audit and report, the client established a working plan for the improvement of the services, including defined KPIs. Medilink continued to work with the provider in an advisory role to implement the recommendations.

Case Study Two:

Development of Exposure Limits and Policies for H2S, HAV, Noise and Ionising and Non-ionising Radiation
Our second case study covers our work on defining policies and best practice codes for the worldwide operations of an oil and gas extraction entity. We drew on scientific data from its platforms in Kazakhstan, GOM, UK, Denmark, Qatar, Angola, Norway and Brazil to carry out our research.

Solution & Outcome

We first reviewed the current, relevant legislation in place in each country, identifying the minimum standards stipulated and included a definition of those standards, as well as detailing our assessment of their underlying reasoning. We then laid out a discussion of the implications of adopting the minimum standards, giving also our recommendations and guidance on the adoption of best practice over and above the legal minimums.

Medilink delivered a report and policy document to the client outlining the exposure limits for each of the hazards and the basis on which the recommendations were made. The client has since implemented our recommendations across its global operations.

Further Information

If you’d like to discuss how we can assist in ensuring your entity not only complies with, but also implements best practice in health, safety and emergency response planning across its operations, feel free contact us. Find out more about our portfolio of health management consultancy services here.



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