How Medilink Recruits Qualified Medical Professionals


Medilink has experience and expertise in recruiting medical professionals which include doctors, occupational health specialists, nurses, paramedics for both onshore and offshore activity, and other allied healthcare professionals.

We recruit, train, and deploy medical professionals for clients in various sectors ranging from oil and gas, mining, construction, to public entities in Africa, Europe, and South America.

Our approach begins with having a detailed understanding of the client’s needs as well as assessing the work environment of the location/country where the candidates will be positioned. We consult with our Clinical Governance Team to determine the qualifications needed for each role.

Our rigorous recruitment and selection process includes an evidence-based clinical skills evaluation as well as psychological evaluation for the suitability to work in the environment they are being assigned to. This is to ensure we are selecting the right candidates that perfectly matches the desired profile, with trainings and qualifications essential for the management of medical services with the highest standards.

We continue to follow and monitor the professionals throughout their assignment with the client and carry out ongoing performance evaluation. All medical professionals we recruit for our clients are required to follow our Continuous Professional Development and Skills Upkeep Programmes to enhance their skills and competencies as well as to be updated with the latest medical protocols and procedures.

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