Our Team: Interview with Dr Nuno Cosmelli, Senior Medical Advisor


In this interview looking behind the scenes at Medilink’s specific approach to integrated remote site medical services, we introduce Dr Nuno Cosmelli, our Senior Medical Advisor and a highly-experienced Flight Medic. Dr Cosmelli joined our team in April 2017 after over 20 years on the ground in Africa specialising in aeronautical medicine. He gives us his newcomer insights into just how Medilink differentiates itself in the industry in the way it provides and supports remote medical assistance services.

A Portuguese national by origin, Dr Cosmelli has gained immense expertise during his career in fields of medicine of particular relevance to remote medical practice. After graduating in Medicine at the Pro Deo State University (New York), he went on to gain a Masters Degree in Emergency and Catastrophe Medicine (Cape Town) as well as a post-graduate degree in Occupational Health and Environmental Medicine Course at the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine in Chicago.

Dr Cosmelli speciliased in aeronautical medicine at the Centro de Medicina Aeronáutica C.M.A. (Center of Aeronautical Medicine) of the Portuguese Air Force, gaining a post-graduate qualification in aeromedical evacuation.

Over his 25 year flight and remote medical career, Dr Cosmelli has accrued over 2,600 hours in flight medical duty, on both jet and helicopter aircraft, which translates as over 863 air ambulance and commercial flights with patients.

Dr Cosmelli’s career has seen him working as a remote medic in Angola and Nigeria for oil rig clients, as well as serving as a field doctor in Namibia. He brings to Medilink a unique depth and breadth of expertise and invaluable insights into remote medical practice in Africa.

In this interview, Dr Cosmelli talks of the special qualities required for life as a remote medic, as well as giving us his newcomer insights as on Medilink’s specific, strategic approach to creating integrated remote site medical services.



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