Introducing Medilink International Training Academy


As a provider of international remote medical services for nearly two decades, Medilink has first-hand experience of deploying services in challenging environments served by various levels of health infrastructure. The exigencies we face in the field may vary with each assignment, but at Medilink we maintain exacting standards and guarantee professional, consistent, high-level services irrespective of location.

To ensure our clients can rely on this service promise, we invest heavily in the continuing professional development (CPD) of our staff, whether locally employed or on our roster teams.

As part of this commitment, and to further expand our in-house training capabilities, we launched Medilink International Training Academy earlier this year. The new training entity delivers industry-standard, globally-accredited specialist medical training to both our staff and third parties. Its key mission is to create and maintain the standardisation of skills of Medilink medics, doctors and nurses to thereby guarantee the quality of medical care and service delivery to our clients worldwide.

Medilink is increasingly seen as a standard bearer for internationally-recognised medical credentials. To be effective in developing the expertise of our specialist, remote medical teams, our aim is to deliver these courses at source, on the ground, at our dedicated overseas clinics and centres. This enables us to build on our corps of professional local staff and improve our overall service capabilities directly in the regions in which our clients operate.

Medilink training centres, such as our base at Hassi Messaoud in Algeria which has already been active in training delivery, have been set up and equipped with state of art training equipment, such as ALS mannequins, cardiac simulators and response bags in order to create the most realistic scenarios and environments.

Medilink International Training Academy

Medilink International Training Academy Courses

Medilink International Training Academy courses are accredited by prestigious, international bodies, including: the American Heart Association; NAEMT; Airway, First Airway Foundation; and Pro Deo University, Malta, and are offered in different languages. Medilink International Training Academy is an accredited training institution and adheres strictly to the directives and regulations of the various entities whose courses we offer.

Our faculty comprises senior consultants and experienced doctors and nurses such as emergency physicians, aeromedical doctors, anesthesiologists and trauma nurses. Our expanding portfolio of courses includes:


  • Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support Course (PHTLS)
  • Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support Course for first responders (PHTLS)


  • Basic Life Support Course (BLS)
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support Course (ACLS)


  • Difficult Airway Course EMS
  • Essentials Airway Course
  • Fundamentals of Airway Course

Flight Medicine: Aeromedical and Flight Physiology Course

Future courses include:

  • Fundamentals of Mechanical Ventilation
  • Mechanical ventilation for Pre Hospital Emergency care

We are extremely proud of our record in medical training and of our staff for their own professionalism and dedication to CPD. Medilink staff have been ambassadors for our training programmes on the international stage.

Find out more about our Accredited Medical Training Courses

Browse our course curricula and find out more about our training services and centres on the Medilink International Training Academy website.




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