Advanced Air Ambulance Medevac of Patients with Infectious Diseases


Medilink recently ran an air ambulance medevac simulation to train aeromedical crews on the latest intensive care equipment for the safe transfer of patients with infectious diseases. Aeromedicine is a distinct branch of medicine and is a field that has made immense strides in the past decade with the result that today’s air ambulances provide sophisticated in-flight intensive care.

Medilink Air Ambulance Medevac training simulator

Given the regions and environments in which our clients operate, both their staff and our medical personnel run the risk of exposure to communicable diseases. Investment in the most advanced equipment coupled with medevac simulation training is therefore a critical part of running our operations.

Aeromedics operate in extremely confined spaces with the additional constraints of altitude, cabin pressure, vibration, noise, dehydration and other in-flight conditions that combine to affect the patient’s hemodynamic stability. When it comes to transporting patients with infectious and viral diseases or severe burns the constraints faced are compounded further, from both a patient and air ambulance paramedic point of view. With air circulating through the aircraft’s air-conditioning filters, there is no protection from airborn infection for either the patient or crew. The portable patient isolation unit trialed in this latest simulation exercise addresses this issue.

Air Ambulance Medevac: Turning Theory into Practice

At Medilink, we recognise that crews in various parts of the world, who are working in remote and challenging environments, have different approaches to the various scenario faced by aeromedical teams. One of our key priorities therefore is to ensure our aeromedical crews operate uniform procedures in line with best practice medical standards and have the expertise to use the latest equipment irrespective of where they are based.

Medilink’s training arm is fully accredited to run programmes on basic life support, advance cardiac life support, pre-hospital trauma life support (PHTLS), aeromedicine and airway management among others. We have also adopted a successful in-company CPD strategy devised by our Clinical Governance Team. Individual medics undergo a programme of CPD which evaluates their progress on a six-monthly basis.

Medevac infectious disease patients

Our Health Alert Service monitors infectious diseases worldwide, reporting on their spread and level of severity. This informs our clients and crews on the ground of any imminent health risks. Training simulators, such as this latest exercise in Malta, in conjunction with ongoing classroom and online CPD ensure that our air ambulance crews are prepared and ready to be deployed instantly into risk areas. Medilink is able to retrieve personnel safely without compromising the health of the flight crews and medical personnel both during medevac procedures and at their final destination.

Medilink’s investment in both training and CPD places it among industry leaders in the training of remote medics and aeromedical crews. Our end goal is twofold: to ensure we recruit and retain the top remote and aeromedical personnel, giving them opportunities to further their careers; and to provide a top-class, professional service to our meet the exacting demands of our clients in the extraction and infrastructure industries.

For further information on our air ambulance and medevac services, see our subsidiary If you are interested in our accredited training, please contact us for details of our courses.



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