Medilink Egypt Office extends our presence in North Africa


We are pleased to announce the opening of a third regional office in North Africa with the launch of Medilink Egypt. Based in the modern Nasr district of Cairo, Medilink Egypt extends our capabilities on the ground in this important region.

Our Cairo office brings us closer to clients headquartered in the capital, enabling us to enhance our understanding of their needs and provide greater immediacy of service backed by invaluable local insights and expertise. From this central location, we support our clients throughout the country, coordinating medical assistance services in all regions apart from Sinai.

Medilink Egypt office opens

Our Vision for Medilink Egypt

In parallel with our other North Africa offices in Libya and Algeria, our clients in Egypt are typically in the oil and gas extraction industries. However, in contrast to those other regional offices, Medilink Egypt aims also to support a diversity of clients with strong presences in Egypt such as global hotel groups and international aid and humanitarian entities which are based in the country but may also be operating across Africa.

In addition, we are seeing Medilink Egypt as an opportunity to further our corporate mission of contributing to international dialogue and best practice in public health and safety. Medilink Egypt has already been active in this area, contributing its expertise to the WHO discussion paper on international road safety targets.

Medilink Egypt Service Portfolio

From our Cairo base, we will be offering a full complement of consulting services, such as health and environmental risk assessments, strategic planning of medical services and training. We are also offering all our core medical services including occupational health services, medical staffing, topside support, medical equipment planning and supplies and medevac.

Our aim is to be a provider of choice in the country, offering a competitive and optimal service package suited to individual client needs. Medilink Egypt provides total flexibility, responsiveness and accountability in terms of project scope and budget.

Medilink Egypt operations are backed by deep experience gained over 20 years of operating in North Africa and increasingly in other countries on the continent. Our expertise in understanding clients’ requirements in Africa recently secured us a mid-term project in Namibia. In this case, we were able to deploy a full-service medical team in the field within 10 days of lodging a proposal.

Helping clients prepare for deployment in Eygpt

Having a base in the country gives us immediate insights into, and first-hand experience of public health issues on the ground that may affect our clients operating in Egypt. A key part of our country service is to assess the acuteness of a situation, drawing on local and international data and resources. This helps us provide clients with up-to-the minute, reliable advice on public health issues as well as input into planning effective medical assistance supplies and services.

In spite of the epidemiological transition, and aside from the increase of non-communicable diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer, Egypt still faces concerns about infectious diseases especially Hepatitis B and C. This mean that in contrast to developed countries with declining infectious diseases, Egypt is experiencing growth of both infectious and non-infectious diseases. To keep abreast of public health developments, we are involved with numerous international partners engaged in the region, including the UN, European Commission, the World Bank, USAID, Japanese Development Fund, and African Development Bank.

We take into consideration every aspect of life in Egypt that has a bearing on our service planning and deployment. For instance, issues such as cultural and income disparities, the high incidence of traffic accidents, and various legal issues relating to healthcare and services play a part in how we advise our clients.

Medilink Egypt Team

Medilink Egypt is headed by Dr Rania Saad, a medical doctor specialised in epidemiology and public health. Dr Saad brings 17 years of expertise in public health drawing on national and international work.

Dr Saad worked between 2011-2017 with WHO in two regions: the Eastern Mediterranean; and South East Asia, both of which offered valuable hands-on experience in regions developing greater competencies in public health policy and practice.

Another key area of Dr Saad’s international work has been in the field of road safety. Dr Saad is a former staff member of the WHO and a regional data coordinator for the 4th Global Status Report of Road Safety at the WHO. She brings to Medilink key connections to the WHO and similar international entities, which we lever on in our work.

“Heading Medilink Egypt is an exciting new role that builds on my work with international agencies bringing these connections to bear in serving our clients in the region. That Medilink has operated uninterrupted for over 20 years in neighbouring Libya, and just over a year ago opened its Algerian arm, speaks volumes about the company’s commitment to and expertise in North Africa. Together, our three regional bases offer clients a strong partner in the region, and one that is constantly exploring news ways of strengthening our services in North Africa”, said Dr Saad.

Medilink North Africa: Further Information

You can meet Medilink at the Egypt Petroleum Show (12-14 February, 2018) and feel free to contact us about how we can help your operations in North Africa, and internationally. The Medilink Eygpt website will be online soon. See also:



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