Medilink Keeps Your Employees Safe and Protected 24/7


With all the epidemics and pandemics over the last few years, organisations have an increased duty of care to protect the health, safety, and wellbeing of their employees.

Work-related threats and risks are present in every environment; whether it’s a disease, a workplace hazard, or climatic stress, these are concerns that affect everybody. Hazards and risks are present in every type of workplace, whether you work in an office, from home, on a remote site, or whether you travel frequently for domestic and international business. However, there are some situations that will pose a greater threat to your employees, such as those who work on remote locations in challenging environments for instance, or employees who travel abroad for work-related matters.

Many of these hazards can be avoided when the right solutions and prevention measures are put in place.

Medilink International provides world-class support to the employees of various companies around the world, by providing round the clock Medical Assistance services. We give them the assurance that they have help and support whenever and whatever their situation or location may be.


How can remote site workers benefit from our Medical Assistance services?

  1. Medical Advice (Topside Support and Telemedicine)

Our team of expert medical professionals and specialists can support the medics on site and provide them with immediate medical advice, diagnosis, and treatment.

  1. Local and International Referrals

In situations where further procedures are required, Medilink also assists in providing referrals to local and international medical centres through our extensive range of trusted provider networks.

  1. Medical Evacuation

Where emergency and non-emergency transfers are required, our team can manage end-to-end local and international medical evacuation services. We have our own aviation hubs, a network of aviation partners worldwide, and trusted global network of medical facilities, which allows us to complete the patient transfer across the globe.

How can corporate travellers and your company benefit from our Medical Assistance services?

  1. 24/7 Alarm Centre

We provide our clients with an Alarm Centre number that they can call 24/7 for any health or medical advice, referrals to outpatient or inpatient appointments, travel advice and assistance, medical evacuations, and repatriations. Our Alarm Centre is staffed with multilingual professionals with strong expertise in handling complex situations.

With our global trusted network of providers, we can protect and support your employees during critical issues wherever they travel to.

  1. Case Management and Monitoring

We alleviate the hassle from both employees and employers by managing and monitoring their cases from end to end. By doing so, employers are able to prepare appropriate contingency plans if their operations are affected. We will immediately inform a company if one of their employees are affected somewhere in the world. They will receive real-time updates and reports with regards to the employee, until the case is resolved. We also process the direct billing agreement if in place with their insurance company, so they don’t need to go through the hassle of the paperwork.

Medilink’s Medical Assistance services is curated to support your duty of care to protect the health and safety of your employees, whilst giving them the peace of mind that they will be cared for whenever they need and wherever they are.



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