Medilink Libya Operations Continue as Crisis Deepens


Medilink Libya operations, both our Tripoli clinic and remote medical services, continue to provide our clients with a full range support across the country. We started business over two decades ago in Libya servicing the extraction and infrastructural industries and have kept a constant presence in Libya throughout the recent years of instability in the region. Our long experience of operating in Libya has enabled us to provide clients with the peace of mind that their field teams are covered by remote medical, medevac and occupational health services.

We focused on our Libya operations a while back in this article where we detail how we prioritise the recruitment of ex-military medics who have the experience and specific capabilities and training to serve our remote-site clients in the region. Further details are available also on our dedicated Libya website. Here, we interview Medilink’s Head of Libya Operations, Dr Rawad Salama for an update on our current roles and responsibilities in the country and for some insights into the day-to-day realities behind the scenes on how we serve our Libya-based clients.

Dr Rawad Salama, Head of Operations Medilink Libya
Dr Rawad Salama, Head of Operations Medilink Libya

Describe the scope of Medilink Libya operations at the moment on the ground in Libya?
Medilink Libya is still operating through our main hub which is the Medilink Tripoli clinic. From there, we provide a full complement of medical support including emergency services with ambulance call outs, GP consultations, third-party specialist referral services, and occupational health services along with health and safety training.

What kind of client operations is Medilink supporting in Libya?
Currently, Medilink is supporting three remote sites, plus one further client site in the vicinity of Tripoli. Our clients comprise major international conglomerates in the oil and gas industry. Medilink supports these sites with remote site medical staffing, ambulances and drivers, medical equipment including drugs and consumables’ supplies, and the whole raft of medical operations’ management required on a day-to-day basis. As you can see, there is little if no change in our operations here in Libya and we work hard to ensure our services are delivered optimally and in full compliance with our clinical governance standards and practices.

Can you explain the importance of Medilink’s continued presence in Libya?
Medilink’s presence in Libya is very important and it plays a vital and a sensitive role for our clients in country; both international expats and locals rely on Medilink services when it comes to the most crucial part of their operations, which is their health and well-being.

Our continued 24/7 support coupled with our flexibility in providing consistent, reliable services in such a challenging environment gives our clients assurance and peace of mind. We’re only a call away yet can provide full-service medical support as well as emergency medevac and topside support in a timely manner depending on the client needs.

Medilink’s presence is also very important to the community where our main hub and clinic is located since we’re always there to help people in need of medical support in time of crises. Medilink Libya operations are being run by local staff. Many of our personnel here have been working together here for years so are able to run services smoothly and efficiently. For our local team, Medilink play a vital role as a supportive employer too.

Do you have any recent examples of noteworthy or particularly challenging assignments?
I believe our biggest achievement as a company and health services’ provider operating in such a challenging and difficult environment as Libya is that through all the crises and hardships the country has undergone, and is still going through since the 2011 revolution to today, Medilink has always been there to provide for and support both clients and staff. We have been very successful in keeping our operations up and running and we never failed to provide 24/7 medical support to our clients and the community.

What is the outlook for Medilink Libya as seen from your viewpoint as head of country operations?
From my perspective, I can say that even though the situation in the country is very challenging due to the difficulties in securing continuous access to basic services like power and fuel and so on – which affect everyone’s moral in country – we still have a safe and calm environment underpinning the Libya Medilink operations. Our long experience on the ground here has given us the capabilities and insights to cope competently with difficulties such as with logistics across this vast country. The expertise gained over two decades enables us to provide quality care and services even in challenging times. Our staff are sensitive also to each other’s needs and fully support each other in order to run this kind of mission-critical operation smoothly.

The outlook for Medilink Libya is to extend our services to more remote areas, hopefully having another hub in another city. We also have on our agenda the strengthening of our capacities so we can reach out and support more remote communities, providing health care, and training and educating local communities to improve the level of their local health services.

Further Information on Medilink Libya

If your operations need remote medical, medevac or occupational health services in Libya, see our country website for further details and feel free to contact us to discuss your specific requirements.



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