Medilink Topside Support: a critical service for remote medics


Medilink topside support and telemedicine services are a vital lifeline operating between the remote field medic and senior clinicians back at base. Available round-the-clock, our topside support team, backed by advanced telemedicine applications, gives remote medics the option of requesting clinical advice and an expert second opinion on critical cases before determining the right course of treatment.

Topside has numerous benefits in addition to giving peace of mind to both medic and patient. In addition, it can assist in reducing client expenses and also increase patient welfare; having that vital expert opinion on call may avert the need for a medevac if the consensus is that the patient can be treated with facilities and expertise available on site.

Medilink Topside Support for Third Parties

Medilink first offered topside support to assist its own remote medics. However, what is less known is that Medilink provides topside and telemedicine services on a needs’ basis supporting clients who may require emergency back-up to support their own remote medics in the field.

Typically, our topside support team reviews patient information in real time allowing them to interpret clinical data and patient information directly. This provides greater diagnostic accuracy, a better course of clinical action and improved patient outcomes.

The senior clinicians who run Medilink topside support provide a critical safety net; in effect, an extra layer of safety and best practice. Topside support itself is guided by our Patient Care Protocols which form part our Medilink’s rigorous clinical governance standards.

Medilink topside support services in action

A recent medevac situation provides an ideal case study of how topside support operates as routine. All medevac requests require topside support confirmation. However in this particular case, we denied immediate medevac after detailed analysis of the medical data indicated that the patient was not stable enough to fly. Topside monitored the patient’s medical data and situation hourly and the patient was transferred 48 hours later.

There are many such medical situations in which remote medics, both our own medical teams and third-party client medics require real-time Medilink topside support confirmation or second opinions. Knowing that we provide this on call gives both our clients’ medics and the patients immense peace of mind and contributes to improved patient outcomes.

Do your remote medics require topside support?

Contact us to find out more about our standalone topside services and how we can support your teams and own medics on site.


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