Medilink’s Global Occupational Health Services


Occupational health and safety is one of the most critical medical service areas and its importance to safeguarding and promoting employees’ safety, health and well-being in the workplace is recognised by the WHO’s Global Action Plan on Workers’ Health. The WHO has registered its concern about the discrepancies in availability and standards of occupational health services globally, noting that there were “…major gaps between and within countries in the exposure of workers and local communities to occupational hazards and in their access to occupational health services”.

Many Medilink clients operate internationally yet need to provide widespread availability and consistent levels of occupational health services to their global workforce, wherever they are located. To give our clients peace of mind that their international workforce is offered the same high-standard and comprehensive OH services, Medilink has developed the capabilities to carry out global occupational health services and programmes which we offer either at our own country clinics or through a network of trusted, preferred third-party providers.

Our Global Occupational Health Services in Action

A typical example of how we deploy our global occupational health services would be, for instance, when a company wishes to carry out pre-employment medical examinations (e.g fitness-for-work screening) for prospective employees at a subsidiary in a third country.

The client company may well not be familiar with the occupational health requirements, systems nor health-related stresses facing their workforce in a third country which they unfamiliar with or in which they have little operating experience.

In such situations, Medilink’s occupational health management services organise and deploy medical personnel to carry out the screenings. We offer this service through our own country clinics, such as in Libya, Egypt or Algeria when applicable, and also operate our global occupational health services through our network of trusted third-party providers. In the latter case, our providers send test results to Medilink headquarters where our medical personnel assess and compile the data before sending the results and opinions to the client company.

Quality-driven Bespoke Occupational Health Plans & Tests

Medilink views occupational health planning and tests as a cornerstone of both our and our clients’ activities. We support support clients by developing ‘Fitness-for-Work’ policies and procedures that are tailored to the specific requirements of our clients’ operations. We offer and design a full complement of bespoke OH programmes covering the entire pre-, post- and in-employment cycle. These include, for example, programmes aimed at managing fatigue and a range of health promotion and surveillance programmes.

We ensure that medicals are carried out according to your protocols and take responsibility for reviewing all results and certifying your employees. This ensures standardisation of your fitness-for-work certification process, regardless of the location where the medical has been carried out.

In addition, we have robust follow-up plans in place to ensure we monitor the due dates for your staff’s fitness-for-work re-certification and recall staff for their medicals, setting appointments for them at one of our partner clinics in locations worldwide.

To provide openness and transparency, we also give your staff members personal access to our secure health portal from where they can securely access and download a copy of all their medical results.

Find out how Medilink supports your Occupational Health Services globally

Feel free to contact us to discuss your specific occupational health service needs, whether in the planning, design or implementation of screening, informational or other OH programmes.


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