Mission Critical Aspects of Remote On-Site Medical Services


When we provide remote on-site medical services, we start a meticulously planned and audited cycle of consultancy and assistance services. At Medilink, we take a comprehensive assessment of the assignment from the first scoping of the project to post-service follow-up irrespective of whether we’re requested to offer a standalone component to a client or are providing the entire chain of medical assistance services.

To aid this process, we combine leading-edge project mapping and management tools with over 20 years’ experience delivering services in some of the world’s harshest environments.

In this article, we provide an overview of the mission critical roles played by each stage that goes into delivering quality-assured, international remote on-site medical services.

Mission Critical aspects of remote on-site medical services

Health Risk Assessments (HRAs)

Our team of medical experts specifically trained in carrying out health risk assessments works in conjunction with our clients’ HSE departments to evaluate all direct and indirect health risks that may impact clients’ employees, families and contractors as well as the local community. These include risks associated with the location, work practices and biological hazards as well as psycho-social risks.

We employ health map programs through which we identify the health and safety risks and the tools required to mitigate them. All risk are captured on the ‘Boston square’ where each single risk is assessed according to severity and manageability. Using this comprehensive tool, we prioritise the most severe risks and build a sustainable, realistic and cost-effect mitigation plan.

Planning & Procedures

Using the HRA data, we design and plan the medical services to be provided on site. We base the requirements on a number of factors that take into account the location and scale of the project and the risks identified in the HRA and assess locally-available resources. At this stage, we present clients with documentation that acts as a blueprint of the services needed and the steps to deliver them reliably and cost effectively.

We develop custom procedures tailored to each specific client site. Thanks to our advanced document management system, Medilink is able to ensure staff at remote sites have access to the latest version of procedures and protocols. Our design and planning service also includes formulation of procedures for the delivery of medical services.

Medevac Contingency Planning

Medical emergency response planning (MERP) is one of the most critical elements in delivering comprehensive remote on-site medical services. Our experts take in consideration the various site specific conditions and restrictions such as the length of the runways, availability of night lights, flight times and local authorisations and requirements that impinge on medical evacuations. We also detail viable alternatives and work with our clients on drills to ensure we deliver fail-safe medical evacuation contingency plans and procedures.

Staffing & Recruitment

At Medilink, we pride ourselves on the rigorousness of both the selection and CPD training of our remote site medical staff. Our processes include evidence-based clinical skills aspects as well as evaluation of candidates’ psychological suitability to deliver professional services in harsh environments.

Medilink has adopted stringent yet supportive systems to monitor, train and evaluate our staff and is pioneering blended learning methods to ensure all staff have access to CPD as routine.

Telemedicine & Topside Support

Topside support is one of the most valuable services available to our clients’ remote site medical teams. By providing 24/7 access to consultant and other medical specialists, remote site medics have the peace of mind of immediate diagnostic back-up and second opinions. This tool enables them to make more informed decisions about patients and take more timely and effective decisions on site. Topside support can help avoid more costly alternatives, such as medevac.

Equipping & Medical Supplies

We ensure that we have the right equipment, well maintained, to deliver reliability and fast turnaround in provisioning remote site medical outfits. Medilink is able to manage and deploy – cost-effectively, efficiently and to exceptionally tight deadlines – medical supplies and equipment from full-service remote site medical clinics to consumables and drugs, to all locations worldwide.

Occupational Health Services

Occupational health services are among the most mission critical of all aspects of remote site work. We assess each staff position according to the job description and specific environment of our clients’ remote site location. This drives our tailored health screening programmes that cover the entire employment cycle from initial Fitness for Work assessments to health surveillance on the job and exit medicals at the end of contracts.

Fitness-for-Work examinations, for example, are critical to our clients’ overall operating efficiency and safety. They not only ensure personnel have the right level of fitness to perform their duties but also alert our clients to any medical conditions requiring treatment that may be more difficult and costly to provide at a remote site. This kind of medical vetting contributes therefore to improving our clients’ productivity while reducing their overall medical costs.

Auditing & Monitoring

Clinical governance may be one of the ‘behind-the-scenes’ aspect of our operations but it is critical to the professionalism and effectiveness of the whole service delivery chain. Our clinical governance team is responsible for receiving reports and vetting policies, procedures and service delivery, and carries out audits throughout a project life cycle. Clinical governance also monitors and evaluates our staff throughout the chain of service delivery.

We use formal and informal auditing methods alongside evidence-based assessment that draws on the latest national and international standards’ frameworks. Importantly, we look not only at our service delivery but also at any third-party providers to ensure the end services to our clients meet our rigorous standards.

Remote On-site Medical Services – further information

We’re here to answer your queries and help interpret your remote on-site medical services’ needs into sound, cost-effective plans. Feel free to contact us to discuss your next project, including short-term contracts.


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