Medilink launches Online Knowledge Centre


Medilink International is delighted to announce the launch of our online Knowledge Centre.

With over two decades experience in the medical services support sector, Medilink has built up an extensive knowledge library. We maintain up-to-date resources on latest medical practice, thinking, policies and procedures. We also collate medical sector information of direct interest to our clients’ operations in areas such as remote medical services, health and safety and occupational health.

Maria Melillo, Medilink General Manager, said that the online knowledge centre would provide a valuable resource for all those operating in the remote medical services field, whether as operational medics or those entering the industry or furthering their studies. “Knowledge has the ability to empower and inspire and at Medilink we believe it should be open and accessible to all,” commented Maria Melillo.

Medilink launches online knowledge centre for remote medical service staff and industry

As part of our academic capability, Medilink International has initiated a project to develop a library of resource documents, standards, guidelines and manuals which are kept continuously updated by our clinical governance team.

Once in full swing, the knowledge centre will contain a variety of documents such as our Patient Care Protocols, Infection Control Manuals, SOPs and educational posters and presentations. In addition, Medilink International is offering open access to key educational resources which are also available for free download.

The Knowledge Centre is constantly being updated. If you would like to request further information on our online resources, just contact us.


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