Our Commitment to Sustainable Operations: Local Staffing and Capacity Development


Local Staffing and Capacity Development

Medilink is committed to ensure that our clients’ projects are sustainable for the long term through local staffing and capacity development, where we prepare and upskill local professional medics to possess knowledge and skills that comply with our quality standards.

With this, we have developed and implemented local capacity development programmes in countries where we operate, to harness talent of local professional medics and empower them with the required knowledge, skills, and experience to operate to international standards. This is to ensure that over a period, a cohort of local personnel will have the requisite skills and experience to assume roles of medical professionals working in key sectors of the country.

Through our local capacity development programmes, we:

  • Create efficient on-the-ground teams of fully qualified personnel
  • Develop medical support services skills wherever we have a presence
  • Empower local staff with the skills and flexibility to take on further roles and responsibilities
  • Invest in building faculties of local educators
  • Support local suppliers and providers to develop their capability, thereby building a reliable local supply chain network
  • Ensure seamless operations where we work
  • Support our multinational clients in regions which have distinct legal jurisdictions and cultural traditions

Whilst some personnel trained by Medilink were integrated within our workforce, some have joined local community hospitals, implementing the knowledge they have acquired to improve medical services for the community and the country as a whole.

Medilink is committed to leaving a positive legacy in the countries where we operate.


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