The Importance of Having a Biomedical Engineering Team


Biomedical engineering

All medical devices and equipment should be in good condition and should function properly according to their parameters. Poorly maintained equipment may cause potential risk to patients or wrong medical test results.

Biomedical Engineers are key players in this field.

In Medilink, our inhouse Biomedical Engineers based in Malta oversee asset management, equipment selection and installation, maintenance and repairs, and monitoring of medical devices and equipment on all sites.

Our team provides support to remote onshore and offshore sites on the management of medical equipment to ensure compliance with the standard operating procedures.

They regularly receive reports from medics on all our sites to monitor the functionality of the equipment according to the maintenance schedules provided to them. In addition, they conduct annual visits to these sites to execute performance verification procedures ensuring they are working within the parameters.

Medilink is dedicated to ensuring all medical equipment are safe to use and function correctly. In that way, you can be confident that your people are safe in our hands.


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