The Life of a Remote Site Medic


A remote site medic holds one of the toughest and most challenging roles in medical support services. They provide 24/7 medical assistance and support, medical emergency response, and occupational health to clients working onshore and offshore in remote areas, usually in high-risk locations without access to medical care.

Medilink deploys remote site medics everywhere in the world who are highly trained, qualified, and experienced.

We interviewed Abel Cerqueira, our remote site medic based in Medilink Clinic in Pemba Mozambique, to give insights on this role based on his own experiences.

Abel has been a remote site medic for 8 years with experiences in various locations. He finds his role challenging as he is able to provide primary and emergency care to the patients in remote sites under sometimes difficult circumstances in varying environments.

Abel highlighted the need to balance between being technically strong to deliver to the requirements of the role, as well as having the ability to be able to communicate effectively with the community within which he operates. In a continuously developing field, Abel recognises it is of the utmost importance to keep yourself abreast of all the changes by continuously updating and improving his knowledge and skills through both formal and informal training.

Remote site medics are required to have the ability to cope for long periods, both professionally and personally, in remote environments, sometimes with harsh climates and terrains. Given the challenges, Abel has learned to develop and maintain coping strategies to adapt in any environment. He does this by following a daily routine which includes activities like working out (CrossFit and calisthenics), reading books, and watching documentaries. It is natural for Abel to adapt in any social environment given that he enjoys working with people from different cultures and backgrounds.

His daily routine includes tasks such as clinic, ambulance, medication and equipment checks as well as preparation for meetings and training and attending to all the necessary patient activity for the day and Abel is on-call 24 hours per day in case of any emergencies.

The role of the remote site medic is vital in ensuring that the needs of our clients and patients are central to all aspects of delivery. Abel finds his job very fulfilling as he is able to help people. Abel cited, “Our patients didn’t choose us. But we chose to be in this role. So, we must treat our patients the best way we can!”

For remote site medic opportunities with Medilink, please follow our Facebook and LinkedIn pages to be updated on our latest vacancy announcements.


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