Training Programme for Medilink Doctors and Nurses in Algeria



In March 2022, Medilink International conducted a 10-day training programme for our medical staff (doctors and nurses) based in Medilink Algeria. Our objective for this programme is to provide them with internationally recognised medical courses and certifications and to ensure they are continuously updated with the latest medical protocols and procedures to deliver medical services with high standards.

Attended by 20 site and clinic doctors and nurses in Hassi Messaoud, the training programme included various training courses:

Basic Life Support Course (BLS) – AHA
Advanced Cardiac Life Support Course (ACLS) – AHA
Aeromedical & Flight Physiology Course – AEROMED
Fundamental Airway Management- First Airway LLC
Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support Course (PHTLS) – NAEMTS

All courses were conducted in a holistic and interactive way by 2 of our accredited instructors with extensive experience in providing patient care in various medical specialties. Our approach was to reinforce theoretical and practical knowledge as well as reflective discussion to improve our participants’ critical thinking and decision-making skills.

At the end of each course, the participants were assessed by our instructors, and they were awarded with certificates accredited by recognised organisations.

Our staff highlighted how they valued the continuous development that we provide to them as this enables them to refresh their knowledge, skills and have the latest medical protocol updates.

The participants felt the use of real-life scenarios, using the equipment and gear set up by the Medilink International Training team, was hugely beneficial.


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