Transformation of new education school in Mtwara, Tanzania


Thanks to the generosity of our staff and their donations, the New Education School in Mtwara, Tanzania has been transformed from a building that was lacking in not just desks, chairs, books and writing materials, but that was a safety hazard to the 150 students of the school.

In just a couple of months and with the help of local craftsmen, the school has been made-over. The walls have been plastered and painted, the hazardous, exposed bolts on the floor have been removed and mosquito nets and new window frames have been installed.

15 beautiful new handcrafted desks and benches have been made and new textbooks have been bought for the students.

There is plenty more to be done in this worthy village and it is our aim to keep collecting donations and supporting the local community.

Thank you to all those who have contributed.


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