Medilink expands its Online Travel Health Advisory Services


Medilink offers clients and their staff a travel health advisory service as a companion to our weekly international Health Alerts. These two services combine to provide our members with an extensive, one-stop, online travel health resource ideal to consult when preparing for international operations or during deployment in the field.

The Medilink head office team, supported by staff at our various regional locations, compiles and constantly updates the travel health portal using our own research and drawing on international sources from entities such as the WHO and Centres for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC). The portal is searchable by country and other parameters such as specific diseases.

Medlink Travel Health Advisory Service portal

How the Travel Health Service Works

The service, available through our members’ online portal, provides detailed health information on countries worldwide and includes up-to-date information on areas such as local public health issues, health alerts, national medical and health service infrastructure and providers on the ground, as well as the travel vaccinations required and recommended before travel. The Travel Advisory Portal provides also useful background information such as health educational resources relating to specific health concerns in regions and countries covered.

Other areas include:

  • Local emergency service details;
  • Immediate and likely health concerns;
  • State of play of countries’ national and regional health services & outpatient services;
  • Blood donation operation;
  • Diet and nutritional information;
  • Climatic conditions that have health implications;
  • Availability of medicines; and
  • Dental care services.

In addition, our team of travel health specialists offers support by phone and email to help answer your specific queries.

Access our Advisory Services

Our weekly Health Alerts by email service is freely available to all; just sign up using the form below. Our travel and health portal advisory service is available automatically to Medilink clients and their staff. If you are interested in finding out more about our overseas medical assistance services, feel free to contact us.



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