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WORLD MALARIA DAY- Monday 25th April

On the 25th of April the World Health Organization promotes Malaria Day. This year’s focus and theme is “End malaria for good”, in line with the framework and vision of the “Global technical strategy for malaria – 2015-2030” report which aims for a malaria-free world.

With an ambitious, but achievable target of diminishing malaria cases  by 90% and associated mortality by the year 2030, the WHO stands out and sets up aggressive campaigns and programs such as the Initiative for Vaccine Research (IVR) in order to combat the malaria disease problem on a global scale.

Medilink & WHO Malaria Day

Medilink accompanies the WHO ambition by setting up its own preventive and educational campaigns and programs for a malaria-free work force. Free online training modules are available for all our clients, employees, families and surrounding communities. With a strong travel medicine program, Medilink aims at a zero tolerance and incidence of malaria cases within its client groups.

Despite the global efforts in producing an effective vaccine, the most effective tool against malaria continues to be PREVENTION and the appropriate management of malaria infected individuals.

So let’s join forces and keep fighting in order to END MALARIA FOR GOOD!

And remember, always contact Medilink and our travel medicine unit before the deployment of your work force to missions and places which exposes them to the risk of malaria infection and make sure to  immediately seek medical advice in case of any suspected malaria infection case.

Count on us to help keep your people safe!



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