World Malaria Day


One child dies every minute as a result of malaria.

The reality today is that half of the world’s population is still at risk of malaria, with most cases and deaths concentrated in sub-Saharan Africa. This is why the World Health Organisation wants this year’s focus of World Malaria Day, celebrated on the 25th of April, to be on defeating this disease. The target being set is a reduction of 90% in the number of cases and deaths of malaria by 2030 – an ambitious target that will not be achieved without significant and sustained investment to make prevention and treatment for the disease available and to combat the rise in drug and insecticide resistance.

Medilink currently operates in a number of sites still affected by malaria transmission. We combat this risk by providing prophylactic treatment to our clients, ensuring rapid diagnosis of suspected cases, and providing effective treatment when necessary. We also implement mosquito-reduction and elimination measures as part of our site management protocol.
We believe that investing in malaria prevention and treatment is an investment in our world’s future. Join us in defeating malaria!



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