World Patient Safety Day: Keeping patients in safe hands


World Patient Safety Day is observed every year on 17 September. It has been established by the 72nd World Health Assembly in May 2019, following the adoption of resolution WHA72.6 on “Global action on patient safety”. The World Patient Safety Day aims at raising global awareness around the importance of reducing patient harm and strengthening patient safety. This day is also the opportunity to bring together policy makers, healthcare leaders, health and care workers, patients’ organisations, civil society and other stakeholders to empower patients to become actively involved in their own healthcare.

Ensuring patient safety across the world

At Medilink International, patient safety is in our DNA. Over the last 20 years, we have set up our own medical clinics in various locations including Libya, Algeria and Mozambique. We also operate onsite medical clinics which are strategically located close to our clients’ sites where access to healthcare services can be limited, the environment our clients operate in being remote in most cases. Through our constant presence on the ground, we can address our clients’ employees healthcare needs and provide them with direct access to international quality standard of healthcare, whilst ensuring high quality medical services.



Clinical governance procedures – the backbone of patient safety

Clinical governance procedures can be seen as the foundation of patient safety, as its purpose is to ensure continuous improvement in the quality and safety of healthcare services delivered to individuals. Our company follows strict and mandatory clinical governance procedures that are adhered to throughout any operation. Besides that, we have developed a robust system based on Patient Care Protocols, which lists and describes the steps that our healthcare professionals are required to take when assessing and treating a patient. We also apply strict procedures for pharmacy control, maintenance of medical records and medical emergency response procedures.

Investing in continuous learning to strengthen patient safety

Training of medical staff is essential to ensure safety for both the patients and the individuals delivering medical care. It also helps improve the overall patient experience, as proper training teaches staff how to deliver care, but also how to do it the right way. The higher knowledge the staff has, the fewer errors that affect or even hurt patients may be made.

To ensure our patients can receive the best quality of medical care, we invest in the continuing professional development (CPD) of our staff. We have been delivering industry-standard and globally accredited specialist medical training to both our staff and third parties since 2019, through our Medilink International Training Academy. Its key objective is to create and maintain the standardisation of skills of our medics, doctors and nurses to maintain and strengthen the quality of medical care and service delivery to our clients worldwide. On top of this, we select our staff carefully based on clinical skills evaluation as well as psychological evaluation for their suitability to work in specific environments.


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