COVID-19 Open Education Resources
Medilink offers open access to updated resources on COVID-19. See our knowledge base, health alerts and links for factually correct, updated advice on the Coronavirus.
Medilink International Enhances Malta base with Cessna VI

Medilink guarantees extra peace of mind during the uncertain times of the Covid-19 pandemic. With our services now enhanced with the addition of the Cessna VI to our capacity, we are operating directly from the central Mediterranean, offering ; Fast, reliable and covid-safe Air Ambulance services available at 24/7. Contact us today to get a … Continue reading Medilink International Enhances Malta base with Cessna VI

Safe Air Travel Advice in a Covid-19 World

As borders start opening around the world, Medilink issues its health advisory for travelers, particularly those taking flights, while Covid-19 is still prevalent. Take time to read our comprehensive guidelines to help yourself and others stay safe while traveling by air.

Air Ambulance Transfers of COVID-19 Patients

Medilink International is in the frontline of complex air ambulance transfers of Covid-19 patients across national borders. We detail our clinical and organisational insights into Covid-19 medevacs to assist other healthcare professionals and firms dealing with evacuating Covid-infected staff.

Coronavirus Alert: Medilink Action & Advice

Medilink is running educational campaigns for clients and its medics providing best practice advice and measures to help mitigate the risk of exposure to and the spread of the coronavirus. Our services include pre-screening for personnel from affected areas, and updated health and travel advisories.

Medilink Libya Operations Continue as Crisis Deepens

Medilink Libya continues to provide assistance 24/7 in a challenging environment in the country. Our Head of Libya Operations Dr Rawad Salama describes life on the ground at Medilink Libya.

Introducing Medilink International Training Academy

We introduce Medilink International Training Academy whose mission is to provide not only CPD to our staff and third parties, but importantly to standardise and maintain exacting levels of medical services to our clients globally.

Medilink’s Global Occupational Health Services

Medilink International offers global occupational health services tailored to your company’s specific needs both at our country clinics and through our trusted partner network.

Medilink Topside Support: a critical service for remote medics

Medilink topside support is offered also as a standalone service for clients deploying their own remote medics. Our topside consultants are on call 24/7 to provide the ultimate peace of mind to field medics and their patients.

What to Expect in your Medilink Clinical Interview

Medilink’s clinical interview process is rigorous and challenging but at the same time open, fair, transparent and two way. We provide insights and advice to help prospective remote medics prepare for interview and a future role with us.

Medilink Action on World Diabetes Day 2018

Medilink takes action on World Diabetes Awareness Day by offering free, drop-in blood glucose level tests at its Libya and Algeria clinics.

Critical Medevac on Commercial Flights: a case study

Medilink successfully carries out a challenging international medevac on commercial flights highlighting our bespoke, cost-effective service options.

Medilink announces strategic medevac partner in Angola

Medilink has a new strategic partner in Golden Hour, a leading medevac and medical escort service provider in Angola. The partnership enables us to not only strengthen our immediate support to clients in the country but also to better serve multinational projects operating cross border on the African continent.

Meet Medilink Operations Manager Rhona Potgieter

Medilink Operations Manager Rhona Potgieter organises our remote medical and medevac teams worldwide. She brings hands-on experience of running medical servicesin Tanzania as well significant managerial expertise gained in large-scale state hospitals. We talk to Rhona as she takes up her post at Medlink headquarters in Malta.

Advanced Air Ambulance Medevac of Patients with Infectious Diseases

Medilink’s training arm offers accredited courses and simulation exercises for aeromedical staff. In this latest exercise, Medilink trialed and trained crews on the use of advanced medevac equipment to transfer patients with infectious diseases.

Medilink Health Management Consultancy Services in Action

Medilink’s Health Management Consultancy is the cornerstone of our portfolio, providing not only legally required but also operationally critical services. We outline the depth and breadth of these services drawing on two recent client case studies.

World SafeDay 2018 focuses on Young People’s OHS Risks

Providing a safe workplace environment for young people is not only about legal requirements but about good business. We focus on the specific OHS needs of young people to mark the World SafeDay 2018 campaign.

Medilink Algeria Clinic gains NAEMT Training Centre Status

Our Hassi Messaoud Medical Clinic in Algeria is now running regular industry-accredited NAEMT training and other globally-recognised courses, covering areas such as PHLTS and ACLS. The clinic’s new training centre status helps us also build up further our local medical team capabilities in Algeria.

Emergency Response Planning: before Crises Strike

Against the backdrop of the recent spate of deadly attacks in Libya and Afghanistan, we take a look at the critical role played by emergency response planning in helping safeguard lives when the unexpected happens.

In Discussion with Medilink CEO Simon Camilleri

Medilink International CEO Simon Camilleri discusses how far the company has come in its 22 year history and talks about its plans for expansion guided by technology and its global client base.

Mobile Medical Services in Africa: Project Focus

Medilink goes behind the scenes on one of our latest projects in central Africa supporting a multinational client team operating along a 1,200km corridor. We highlight the health and environmental risks tackled by our medical teams on the ground.

Medilink Egypt Office extends our presence in North Africa

Medilink announces the opening of its office in Egypt. Our Cairo base complements our operations in Libya and Algeria, strengthening our services to clients in North Africa and further afield on the African continent.

Medilink expands its Online Travel Health Advisory Services

Medilink offers a complete and up-to-date health and travel advisory service through its online portal. This extensive service provides a valuable resource for clients both pre and during deployment in the field.

WHO Antibiotics Awareness Week 2017 focuses on resistance and misuse

The WHO Antibiotics Awareness Week 2017 is a clarion call urging us all to seek qualified medical advice before taking antibiotics. This is a direct response to the alarming growth of antibiotic resistance.

Medilink Staff in Winning Malta Team at European CPR Competition

Medilink staff members formed part of the Malta Resuscitation Council’s winning CPR challenge team at the 2017 ERC Congress competition in Germany.

Medilink contributes to WHO Discussion on Road Safety Targets

As a provider of emergency response services to vehicle accidents in both rural and urban areas, Medilink has contributed insights aimed at shaping global discussion on road safety targets.

Travel Health – Staying Healthy during Hajj

Travel Health – Hajj Every year, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia hosts the Hajj pilgrimage, which is the largest mass gathering in the world held on an annual basis. This year, Hajj will take place from approximately 30 August to 4 September.

Eliminate Hepatitis: the message of World Hepatitis Day 2017

Medilink promotes the World Hepatitis Day 2017 campaign which urges us all to take individual responsibility to help eliminate viral hepatitis by the WHO’s goal date of 2030.

Medlink’s Air Ambulance service: our investment in aeromedicine

Medilink has made a significant investment in its air ambulance services. We provide 24/7 specialist aeromedine backed by topside support, robust clinical governance and state-of-the-art equipment.

Burns’ Trauma: a focus on Oil & Gas Industry Incidents

With thermal and chemical burn injuries among the most difficult to manage in remote sites in the oil and gas industry, we take an in-depth look at latest best practice in treatment and CPD of remote site health practitioners.

Medilink in Libya: a Story of Continuous Medical Assistance

Medilink International has been providing continuous expert medical assistance in Libya to companies and individuals for over 20 years. In Libya, we deploy of ex-military medics and offer deep local and country knowledge.

A Guide to Remote Medic CPD learning on the Job

New to remote medicine and onsite life? Our guide covers various ways remote medics can foster their own CPD, from day-to-day opportunities and clinical practice to self study.

World Blood Donor Day 2017: Raising Awareness of Voluntary Blood Donation

World Blood Donor Day 2017 stresses the role we can play as individuals in helping create sufficient supplies of safe blood in a world where crises and emergencies are putting pressure on blood supplies as never before.

Our Team: Interview with Dr Nuno Cosmelli, Senior Medical Advisor

Dr Nuno Cosmell, Medilink Senior Medical Advisor, talks about life as a remote medic, as well as giving insights into Medilink’s unique approach to integrated remote site medical services.

Remote Site Medics: what it takes to deploy to a remote location

We take an in-depth look at how remote site medics should best prepare themselves for the demands of onsite roles.

Skin Cancer risks, early detection & awareness among outdoor remote site workers

Outdoor, remote site workers face higher ambient levels of UV radiation and are at higher risk of developing skin cancer. We mark Skin Cancer Awareness month with a look at the role of education and prevention in reducing the incidence of skin cancers.

Medilink launches International Medical Health Alert Service to Safeguard its Stakeholders

Medilink’s new Medical Health Alert Service issues weekly email advice on the threats of global endemic diseases, detailing high-risk regions, disease prevention and travel advisory information.

Immunisation & Disease Prevention: Protecting Ourselves & Others

Immunisation and common sense preventative measures are our individual responsibility to help protect both ourselves and others from disease. We look at Hepatitis and Lyme Disease to highlight the importance of both routes to disease prevention.

Medilink playing a role in Malaria prevention

Medilink provides malaria prevention and education information to add its voice to the WHO’s fight to eradicate the disease.

Mission Critical Aspects of Remote On-Site Medical Services

We discuss the mission critical aspects of each stage in the delivery of professional, cost-effective and efficient remote on-site medical services.

Medilink seminars support World Health Day 2017 Campaign to tackle depression

Medilink marks the WHO World Health Day 2017 awareness campaign on depression with a series of seminars aimed at sensitizing remote site clients and staff to its signs, prevention and treatment.

Medilink launches a new joint-venture Helicopter Services Company based in Malta

Medilink and Gulf Helicopters announce a new private transport and medevac helicopter service, Gulf Med Aviation Services, which further expands both companies’ capabilities in the southern Mediterranean and EU.

Medilink in Algeria: behind the scenes with our Chief Medical Officer

Medilink opened its Hassi Messaoud Medical Center in Algeria six months ago. We take a look at our operations there in an interview with our Chief Medical Officer Dr Mounir Ferrani.

Occupational Health Services in the spotlight on World Tuberculosis Day

Medilink marks World TB Day 2017 with a focus on how our occupational health services play their role in helping the WHO prevent killer diseases like TB.

Medilink marks UN World Water Day 2017

To mark UN World Water Day 2017, Medilink takes a look at the responsibilities we, and our clients have to local communities in some of the world’s most arid regions,

Training Remote Site Medical Teams: an ongoing not one-off praxis

Medilink’s emphasis on CPD ensures the medical staff we select work together in integrated, seamless remote site medical teams fully supported by our HQ.

Medilink CSR in Tanzania brings a smile to Mothers and Children

Medilink CSR gives practical help to local communities wherever we work. Our Tanzania operations have just provided a brighter future for paediatric and maternity wards in Ligula Hospital.

Medilink drives competition in Remote Site Medical Services

Medilink offers a viable alternative to oil and gas extraction companies seeking to curb costs and review their remote site medical services in this period of market slowdown.

Medilink launches Online Knowledge Centre

Medilink has launched a freely-accessible online knowledge centre providing up-to-date documents on the latest thinking, policies, procedures and best practice in the industry.

World Antibiotic Awareness Week 2016!

14 – 20 November is World Antibiotic Awareness Week! Medilink International aims to increase awareness of global antibiotic resistance and to further encourage better practices among people worldwide.

Expertise on Call: Medilink Topside Support Services in Algeria

Medilink announces the extension of topside support services to Algeria, following the recent opening of its Hassi Messaoud Medical Centre. Topside is a critical link the chain of medical support to our clients’ remote onsite clinics.

Emergency Alert Response Service: 24/7 medical support teams

Medilink’s 24/7 emergency alert response service provides the assurance of immediate medical support for client teams on the road, whether in remote areas or urban centres. It operates an automatic in-vehicle emergency alert linking to our alarm centre.

Medilink in Algeria: Opening of Medical Centre in Hassi Messaoud

Our Hassi Messaoud Medical Centre in Algeria opened this week, marking our international growth and the launch of state-of-the-art emergency medical services and facilities to support the oil and gas sector in the region.

Occupational Health Consultancy Services: critical to well-being

Medilink International provides occupational health consultancy to companies setting up or revising their ‘fitness to work’ policies and protocols. OHS is paramount in protecting employee health and welfare.

Clinical Governance in Remote Medical Care: role & relevance

Clinical governance is critical to delivering professional medical services. Medilink’s Head of Clinical Governance Stephen Benbow explains its role in depth and how it benefits our clients.

Third Party Administration: benefits of a trusted intermediary

With long experience in delivering medical and health services on the ground, Medilink is a professional, trusted Third Party Administration partner. Our TPA services are a win-win, benefiting insurers, self-insurers and claimants.

International Medical Evacuation: planning for the unexpected

Successful international medical evacuation requires exceptional service delivery, both medical and administrative. We take an insider look at Medilink’s medevac services in action.

What it takes to be a Remote Medic

Remote medic jobs are demanding but offer incredibly rewarding careers. Medilink looks at the professional qualifications and personal qualities required and the path to recruitment.

Hepatitis Screening & Vaccination to mark World Hepatitis Day 2016

Medilink marks World Day to Combat Hepatitis, 28 July, 2016. We look at what hepatitis is, how it’s transmitted and the routine screening and vaccination measures you can take to avoid it.

World Blood Donor Day – June 14th

In 2004 the World Health Organization (WHO) created the World Blood Donor Day, an event to be celebrated annually every June 14th. The purpose is to honour and thank all the donors that help save lives every day and to exhort and motivate others to become blood donors too.


Every year the World Health Organization highlights a theme related to tobacco control for the World No Tobacco Day, celebrated on the 31st of May.

Yellow Fever Outbreak in Angola Challenges Global Health

Following the first registered Yellow Fever case in December 2015, suffered by a citizen of Eritrea, who was visiting the district of Viana in the country’s capital,

What are you doing on Monday?

On the 25 April, 2016, the World Health Organization promoted Malaria Day. This year’s focus and theme is “End malaria for good”, in line with the framework and vision of the “Global technical strategy for malaria

World Health Day – Diabetes

April 7th is World Health Day, organized by the World Health Organization (WHO). This year the focus of the World Health Day is “Beat Diabetes”.

World TB Day

The theme of World TB Day 2016 is “Unite to End TB”, Medilink and its domestic and international clinics are working together to eliminate this deadly disease.

Libya Update

In Sabratha, 66 km west of Tripoli, the last week in February saw continuing clashes between IS Forces and the LNA supported by Sabratha allied militias, with multiple deaths and casualties.

Update on Zika Virus and Guillain-Barré Syndrome

Guillain-Barré syndrome is a rare condition in which a person’s immune system attacks their peripheral nerves. In many cases there is a history of infection that causes the immune response in the nerves. People of all ages can be affected, but it is more common in adults and in males.

Launch of our new website

Medilink International has launched its new website in line with its new brand identity.
‘Our new website portrays better our presence in the international market providing medical support services to industry worldwide, outlining both our history and vision for the future’ said Maria Melillo, General Manager.

New Logo

Medilink International has unveiled its new brand identity with a fresh new logo. The new identity will be rolled out to Medilink’s operations over the next months.

Medilink started its operations providing medical services in Libya and since then has grown into a key player in the provision of medical support services to industry in locations worldwide.

Fake medication

The Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya has announced that 40% of the country’s pharmacies stock fake medication and has recommended that the government takes immediate action on pharmacies.

This is expected to put further strain on the Kenyan healthcare system which is already struggling to cope with nursing strikes in Nairobi.

Transformation of new education school in Mtwara, Tanzania

Thanks to the generosity of our staff and their donations, the New Education School in Mtwara, Tanzania has been transformed from a building that was lacking in not just desks, chairs, books and writing materials, but that was a safety hazard to the 150 students of the school.


“We are committed to an arms race with the mosquitos, one that is becoming more intense… We need a long-term strategy”

World Malaria Day

The reality today is that half of the world’s population is still at risk of malaria, with most cases and deaths concentrated in sub-Saharan Africa. This is why the World Health Organisation wants this year’s focus of World Malaria Day, celebrated on the 25th of April, to be on defeating this disease. The target being set is a reduction of 90% in the number of cases and deaths of malaria by 2030 – an ambitious target that will not be achieved without significant and sustained investment to make prevention and treatment for the disease available and to combat the rise in drug and insecticide resistance.

World Immunization Week

Between the 24th and 30th April, 2015, the World will be celebrating ‘World Immunization Week”. This year, the focus is to “Close the Immunization Gap”. The intention is to renew efforts at a global, regional and national level to increase the awareness and demand for immunization.

New Education School in Mtwara, Tanzania

Medilink International is committed to assisting the communities in which we work with sustainable projects in health and education.

As part of our programme, Medilink’s CSR Committee has elected to support New Education School in Mtwara, Tanzania.

This school educates 150 children between the ages of 3 and 15 and employs 3 teachers. The school building is in a dilapidated state which is a hazardous environment for both children and adults to be in. The classroom has no furniture and children sit on the floor. The school also lacks books and other teaching aids.



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