New Education School, Mtwara, Tanzania

Medilink has been working in Mtwara, Tanzania since 2012, operating a clinic which provides medical services to corporate clients in the region.

Medilink’s CSR Committee elected to provide support New Education School in Mtwara.

This school educates 150 children between the ages of 3 and 15 and employs 3 teachers. At the start of the project, the school building was in a dilapidated state which was a hazardous environment for both children and adults to be in. The classroom had no furniture and children sat on the floor. The school also lacked books and other teaching aids.

Medilink committed to repair the classroom building so that it provides a safe, clean environment for the students and teachers. Local craftsmen have been employed to construct furniture for the classroom. Books and other teaching aids have also been provided.

This project is sponsored by direct donations from Medilink as well as donations by Medilink staff.

The New Education School has now been transformed from a building that was lacking in not just desks, chairs, books and writing materials, but that was a safety hazard to the 150 students of the school into a school that offers a safe learning environment to the students.
With the help of local craftsmen, the school has been made-over. The walls have been plastered and painted, the hazardous, exposed bolts on the floor have been removed and mosquito nets and new window frames have been installed.

15 beautiful new handcrafted desks and benches have been made and new textbooks have been bought for the students.

This project is now in its second phase in which Medilink is supporting further developing the expansion of the school.


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