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At Medilink, we offer clients immense flexibility and choice of remote area medical services. We provide a range of individual medical services, all available independently on a needs’ basis or as an integrated, holistic portfolio. This delivery model offers our clients a one-stop-shop for their entire medical needs.

Working over two decades to support the medical and occupational health needs of extraction and infrastructure industry personnel, we know that the organisation of remote medical services is exacting. At Medilink International, we have long expertise in providing medical support in the field and can provide entire turnkey contracts to supply and service clinics at client sites however harsh the environment. So, whether you require routine, ongoing support or ad-hoc specialist medical services and supplies, we can deliver effective and efficient solutions to meet your precise needs to support scheduled or emergency medical situations.

We follow up your requests immediately with a rigorous audit and assessment of your requirements and current services to provide the optimal level of response. We then design and plan your remote medical services, defining the guiding policies and procedures. This ensure that we deploy the appropriate services and supplies efficiently and in a timely, coordinated and coherent manner. All our remote medical staff are selected for their experience and ability to deliver services in the environments in which our clients operate.

Remote Medical Services – the mainstay of our expertise

A key example of our remote area medical service portfolio is the provision of fully-equipped on-site clinics. We have been scoping, supplying, staffing and supporting on-site medical clinics since the outset of our operations. Medilink has built up therefore immense capabilities and professional expertise in this area of medical services.

Typically, our remote area medical clinics focus on bridging the gap between our clients’ requirements and the services available locally. The clinics are scalable from basic emergency clinics up to full hospital set-ups including operating theatres.

The same levels of Medilink service and product scalability are available with any of our remote medical services.


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