Medilink International operates onsite medical clinics in various locations, providing high quality medical services to our clients in remote and harsh environments. Typically, our clinics focus on bridging the gap between our clients’ requirements and the services available locally and would generally include:

– an emergency service
– a General Practice Service
– stabilisation facilities for onward medevac
– road ambulance services
– pharmacy
occupational health services
– other specialities according to the requirement of the location

In addition to operating our own Clinics, Medilink sets up and operates onsite medical clinics at clients’ locations worldwide. We specialise also in particular in the setting up and management of medical services and offer complete solutions. Our services include:

Design of remote site medical services
Provision of containerised or mobile onsite medical clinics
Equipping and continuous supply chain
Topside Support
– Development of procedures and management of the medical services throughout the lifetime of the project
– Health surveillance
Medical Evacuations and hospital admissions

The onsite clinics we set up and operate are scalable in terms of scope. They start from basic emergency clinics up to full hospital set-ups including operating theatres.

Medical Staffing for Onsite Clinics

We select our staff carefully for the sites to which they are assigned. Our selection process includes an evidence based clinical skills evaluation for medical staff as well as psychological evaluation for their suitability to work in given environments. We employ doctors, nurses, paramedics and other specialists, drawing staff from various countries around the world.

Medilink Head Office is in constant contact with our medical staff, supporting them 24/7. We operate robust Clinical Governance programmes which include Patient Care Protocols, procedures for pharmacy control, maintenance of medical records and medical emergency response procedures.

We also provide our medics with our 24/7 Topside Support Service. This ensures that medics never work in isolation but operate confidence in the knowledge that there is a strong medical infrastructure behind them. Our Clinical Governance Team monitors the delivery and operations of our onsite clinics and related remote medical services. In addition, our senior management carries out regular audits.


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