Consultancy Services

Whether it’s Health Risk Assessments, Medical Emergency Response Planning,policy development or gap analysis, Medilink has the experience and breadth of knowledge to deliver high quality consultancy services to our clients. Our various consultancy services come together to provide complete Health Management Systems.

Health Impact Assessments

Our Clients mostly ask us to carry our Health Impact Assessments at the start of a project or when there is a change in a project. Our Public Health specialists and epidemiologists work together to analyse and assess the impact of the prospective project on the health of local communities and workers. Our reports give recommendations on mitigating risks and reducing any negative impacts which the project may have.

See also Occupational Health Services.

Health Risk Assessments

Our Health Risk Assessments identify the health risks that workers on the project will be exposed to, including risks due to location, work practices, biological hazards and psychosocial risks.

Our reports categorise the risks and provide recommendations on mitigating these risks.


As an independent organisation, Medilink is ideally placed to carry out audits of medical services to evaluate efficiency of the service and quality of care, identify any gaps and make recommendations. We have the capability to audit all levels of medical services, from field clinics to large hospitals.


Medical Emergency Response Planning is one of the cornerstones of our consultancy services. Our Emergency Response Specialists work with our clients to assess the resources available at the location to respond to emergencies and develop thorough emergency response plans tailored for the operation. We also work with our clients to carry out drills to assess the plans.

Design and Planning

We provide a design and planning advice for medical services. Our process takes into account location and size of the project, risks involved, key requirements and availability of resources. The documentation we deliver to our clients provides a blueprint for the type of services needed and identifies the recommended steps to ensure that the service is reliable and cost effective. We provide full scoping documents detailing all requirements which are ready for our client’s implementation.

Our design and planning service also includes the design and formulation of procedures to be followed in the delivery of the medical service.

Occupational Health Systems & Planning

Medilink International works with clients on specific assignments to set up Occupational Health policies and procedures. Led by Occupational Health Specialists, our vast multidisciplinary experience enables us to develop a vast range of specific and bespoke programmes. These include: Fitness for Work policies; health surveillance policies; sickness absence programmes; and health promotion and wellness programmes.

In addition to working on a consultancy basis in devising OH health programmes, we also offer implementation, follow-up and ongoing occupational health services on the ground at client sites and within our mobile clinics, if requested.

We also carry out vaccination programmes and run travel health clinic


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