Emergency Alert Response Service

A cornerstone of remote site medical assistance is the provision of an immediate, guaranteed accident and emergency response service. Medilink operates a rapid-deployment Emergency Alert Response Service (EARS) in both remote and urban areas, ensuring our clients have total peace of mind wherever they are deployed even if regular A&E services are not available. To provide this level of 24/7 emergency cover, we have pioneered an in-vehicle, GPS-based alert service which is automatically triggered if a vehicle is involved in a collision.

How our Emergency Alert Service works

On impact, a sensor on board the vehicle sends an alert to our 24/7 Emergency Alarm Centre, giving crucial information required for an effective response; this includes the exact location of the vehicle, the nature of the alarm and the driver’s contact details. The Centre has an open internet connection running the EARS software. The system incorporates the most up-to-date mapping of the client’s country of operation, and maintains a record of every vehicle equipped with the system’s Location Based Emergency Kit.

The Emergency Response Routine

Once the alert is triggered, the team at the Medilink Alarm Centre immediately attempts to make contact with the driver to confirm the nature of the emergency. If the response call to the vehicle is answered, our professionally-trained staff then establishes the level of medical assistance needed and proceeds accordingly. Our response services interface seamlessly with topside support if required.

Should our attempts to communicate with the vehicle occupants fail, we put into action the Emergency Response Plan already in place and previously agreed upon with the client. Typically, the Emergency Response Plan would call for the immediate dispatch of an ambulance, medical team, extrication vehicle and extrication team to the location of the vehicle.

Other Protection Offered

Not all risks to client personnel are the result of collisions. EARS can also be deployed manually in other emergency situations, such as when a vehicle breaks down or if the driver or passengers are too unwell to continue their journey without immediate medical assistance.

Medilink can install the Emergency Alert Response Service in private vehicles or commercial fleets to ensure swift and effective response irrespective of terrain or location, whether in busy city centres or harsh, remote areas.

The system also provides information on the vehicle’s speed and the distance traveled, which can be provided to the client if requested. This type of added information can be vital to assisting our clients in a variety of ways, including in planning routes and types of vehicles to be deployed in certain terrains and in relation to insurance claims, for example.

To discuss how Medilink’s Emergency Alert Response Service can assist your operations, contact us for further details.


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