Medical Staffing

Medilink offers medical staffing as a standalone service from within our portfolio. We provide staff with multiple language capabilities and from various countries and can offer:

|   Company Doctors embedded within our clients’ organisations
|   Occupational Health Specialists
|   Doctors
|   Nurses
|   Paramedics and Offshore medics
|   Other allied healthcare professionals

Medical Staffing Selection

As part of our medical staffing service, we operate a rigorous selection process. This includes an evidence-based clinical skills evaluation for medical staff as well as psychological evaluation for their suitability to work in the environment they are being assigned to. We continue to follow and monitor the staff throughout their assignment with the client and carry out ongoing performance evaluation.

Staff are required to follow our Continuous Professional Development and Skills Upkeep Programmes and are trained and qualified for the management of medical services. We follow a rigorous recruitment process with clinical interviewing, skills assessment and qualification verification together with ongoing performance evaluation, training and skills upkeep.

For more information on how we select, train and deploy remote site medics, click here.


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