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Medilink provides remote area medical support services to clients operating in some of the world’s most demanding locations.  Our clients rely on us in harsh climatic environments, on offshore installations, in remote locations, hostile regions and rough geophysical terrain. Wherever you are based, and whatever level of medical services and response you require, Medilink has the reach and competences to deliver timely, cost-effective and above all highly professional services. We give our clients and their staff complete peace of mind that medical support is there for them 24/7.

We run our own dedicated medical clinics at various, key regional bases across Africa and have a long-time presence and full service clinics in Tripoli, Libya and at Hassi Messaoud in Algeria. Our expertise lies in providing clients with onsite remote area medical services. These can range from first response and occupational health services all the way up to fully-equipped operating theatres at client locations.  We operate worldwide through a partner network to supply remote area medical support, wherever our clients are based.

Medilink International is Headquartered in Malta.
Our 24/7 Alarm Centre Service provides assistance to our clients around the globe.
Our full range of medical services operations are managed from here wherever and whenever our clients need us
Health Audits

Medilink was contracted to carry out a full audit of our client’s site medical services, emergency response procedures and occupational health systems including gap analysis and recommendations.


Medilink managed the site clinic for a major oil producer in Algeria, including provision of paramedics, medical supplies, clinical governance programme, topside support and medical emergency response support.

Offshore Medical Staffing

Provision of offshore medics is a core service for Medilink. We continue to provide offshore medics to drill rigs, FPSOs, survey vessels and production platforms at locations worldwide.

Medical Evacuation

Medilink continues to provide a helicopter medical evacuation service from Malta to rigs and platforms operating offshore North Africa. Patients are transferred to Malta for treatment.

Tripoli Clinic

Medilink has been operating a clinic in Tripoli, Libya since 2001 providing medical support to our corporate clients. Our base in Tripoli acts as a hub out of which we support all our Libya operations. For further information click here.


Medilink was contracted to carry out a Health Risk Assessment at the client’s locations in Kenya. The assessment identified the risks that the employees were exposed to and provided recommendations to mitigate the risks. Project also included an audit of medical services providers.

Medical Staffing

Our client required an offshore medic at short notice to support its activity offshore Pointe Noire. Medilink was able to mobilise a medic within a few days of this request.


Our client had an urgent requirement for a fully equipped road ambulance and paramedic to support its operations in the Cabo Delgado region of Mozambique. By deploying assets owned by Medilink in country, we were able to satisfy this requirement within a few days. For more info click here

Remote Site Services

Medilink was contracted to run the site medical services for a client in the mining industry, on the border region between Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania. Medilink provides site medics, clinical governance, topside support and medical emergency response planning and coordination.

Third Party Administration Services

Our client funds the medical treatment of their employees and their families. Patients are treated at locations worldwide, with the vast majority of cases being treated in-country. Our client required an efficient and cost effective TPA system. Medilink negotiated a discount system with the best hospitals resulting in reduction in annual expenditure for our client.

Health Risk Assessments

Medilink was contracted to review the maximum exposure limits policy for various risk factors including HAV, NORM and Noise. Medilink’s Occupational Health Consulting Team carried out the study and delivered policy documents to the client for global implementation.

Occupational Health Consultancy

Our client requested a full audit of its current fitness for work policy and procedures and an update of these documents to reflect best practice. Medilink’s Occupational Health Consulting Team carried out the assignment on location.

Medical Staffing

Our client required a fleet of 6 medical teams and 6 ambulances simultaneously for a mine spotting project in the East of Libya. Medilink was able to provide the required resources within a few days of the request.

Occupational Health Policies

An HRA for a seismic operation on the Chad border established high risks due to restrictions on carrying out medical evacuations during the frequent sandstorms. To mitigate this Medilink set up a field medical service capable of carrying out emergency surgeries and maintaining patients in intensive care by deploying a mobile clinic including operating theatre and full surgical team.


February 2011. Libya Uprising. Medilink coordinated the evacuation of hundreds of expats from Tripoli and other desert locations to Europe. In the months that followed Medilink continued to evacuate war casualties to hospitals in Tunisia, Malta, Jordan and mainland Europe.


Medilink International provides a full-range of professional medical support services to clients throughout Angola from our offices in Luanda which opened in 2018.

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