Saving Lives: A Medical Training Programme in Malta


Medilink International Training Academy delivers training to all Medilink medical professionals to ensure that they are certified and fully equipped with up-to-date knowledge and skills to manage casualties and emergencies independently, anytime, anywhere.

Recently, our training academy in Malta delivered a 10-day programme to our medical staff from Malta, Libya, and Mozambique. These staff work in various onshore and offshore roles throughout Africa.

The training programme covered PHTLS, Mass Casualty Incident Management, BLS, ACLS, Fundamental Airways, and Difficult Airways.

Our approach was to reinforce theoretical and practical knowledge as well as reflective discussion to improve our participants’ critical thinking and decision-making skills. We made use of ALS mannequins and interactive heart simulators to provide real-life scenarios and hands-on practical sessions for the participants.

The Mass Casualty Incident Management and PHTLS courses were conducted specifically in the Centenary Hall and the National Stadium of Malta where volunteers acted as victims in need of help. This was set up to recreate real time mass disaster scenarios, focusing on managing multiple casualties in an effective and timely manner in order to minimise loss of life and further injury.

At the end of each course, the participants were given written and practical tests which were assessed by our instructors. The participants who received passing scores were awarded with certificates accredited by internationally recognised organisations.

The courses were conducted in a holistic and interactive way by Medilink’s accredited and certified instructors and attended by representatives from NAEMT who monitored and, in some instances, assessed the instructors, ensuring adherence to safeguarding the quality and upholding of international standards.

Completing medical trainings on a regular basis gives medical professionals the knowledge, skills, independence, confidence, and preparedness to save people’s lives regardless of the situation. If you are interested in our medical training services, please contact us at


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